# chasing the lights

see lady Aurora dance in the sky

Magnetic Storm - near Kvaløya
Magnetic Storm - near Kvaløya
Aurora Borealis
Aurora near Kaldfjord
Northern Lights near Kaldfjord
Lights over Rekvik
Auroroa over a Fjord near tromsoe
In a Valley near Kvaløya
Lights over Kaldfjord
Aurora anywhere near Tromsoe
Northern Lights in Sommarøya
Aurora Borealis near Senja
Sledges In a Valley near Kvaløya
Northern Lights near Tromvik
Northern Lights at the airport of Narvik
Polarlight near Tromsoe
Twisting Lights near Ersfjordbotn
Northern Lights at the coast of Kvaløya
Aurora Borealis in 360 Degree Panorama . Enjoy !

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